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Compensation & BEnefits

Employee compensation and benefits is one of the hardest topics for many to discuss. Developing an effective total compensation system will improve employee satisfaction, increase retention, and strengthen your recruiting efforts.

Did you know?

  • Fair pay and transparency are the top drivers of employee satisfaction, not actual pay rates. (Source: PayScale)

  • Many state and local governments have regulations that prohibit employers from requesting salary history information. (Source: )

  • Educators pay on average 15% of their medical insurance premium while employees in private industry pay 21% on average. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Total Rewards: Total rewards include all financial and experiential incentives, rewards, and benefits provided to employees by their employer. Includes all four quadrants in the matrix.

Total Compensation: The bottom section of the matrix which includes “Benefits” and “Compensation”.

Compensation Toolkit

Resources to help you examine whether compensation is legal, internally equitable, and externally competitive.

  • Understanding Compensation- Introduces key terms associated with compensation. (coming soon)

  • Benchmarking Tip Sheet

  • Salary Schedule Design Guide

  • Pay Equity Analysis- Provides guidance

  • Compliance Resources

    Recognizing Educator Excellence through Award Programs / Strategic Compensation in Ohio

    With support from the Teacher Incentive Program (TIF) 23 Ohio districts designed and implemented educator compensation systems to reward great teaching and leadership. Aligned with each district’s culture and goals, these award programs were developed collaboratively with staff, district and building leaders, board members, and community members.

I’ve seen our district go from people’s shoulders being slumped and feeling beat down to carrying themselves in a completely different posture—and feeling proud about what’s happening.
— Chris Burrows, Superintendent, Georgetown


Benefits Toolkit

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Compensation & Benefits References

Explore research and examples on compensation practices in education.