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Use your employee brand

Your brand matters. Once you define your desired employee brand, you’re ready to use it to recruit and retain top talent.

Next Steps

Be Strategic

Plan your strategy for communicating your employee brand. Take time to think about the following:

AUDIENCES Who are your key audiences for communications and engagement outreach? Why do they matter?

GOALS What do you want to achieve with your communications and engagement efforts?

KEY MESSAGES What you say and how you say it matters. What are your key messages for each audience?

TACTICS What tactics will you use for communications and engagement? How will you execute your tactics? When will you execute them?

Share Your Brand

Use the Employee Brand Checklist for a look at possible ways to share your employee brand. The checklist is intended to be a starting point to build upon.

Communicating your employee brand never ends. Use the following examples as opportunities for recruiting and retaining top talent:

  • Speeches

  • Presentations

  • Community events

  • Videos

  • Letters home

  • Parent conferences

  • Op-eds

  • Blog posts

  • Social media posts

  • FAQs

  • Newsletters

  • E-blasts, email

  • Interviews

  • Board meetings

  • Web-copy

  • PTA meetings


  • Reinforce your employee brand with every communication (i.e., standardize PowerPoint presentations and handouts for staff meetings, update email signature to include logo or slogan).

  • Tie communications to an overall theme, like your school motto.

  • Use storytelling! Focus on staff members, how they are helping students, and tell the story from different perspectives, like a student.

  • Highlight what it’s like to work at your school or in your district.

  • Reinforce school/district colors, mascot, motto/mission/vision/values on walls.

  • Leverage social media.

    • Match your cover photos across all social media channels (i.e., Facebook and Twitter).

    • Add photos to get more attention in posts and tweets.

    • Like, share, comment, and engage with the community.

    • Provide guidelines to staff.

  • Share press releases along with talking points for news media with staff.

Keep Improving

Continue to ask for feedback and listen. Keep a pulse on your reputation within school walls as well as in the community.

See what others are doing for inspiration.