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Best practices in onboarding

Resource Hubs for New Employees

Explore these websites to gather ideas for welcoming new employees and providing easy access to important information.

Resource Hubs for Hiring Managers

Do hiring managers understand their role in the onboarding process? Explore ways to help hiring managers provide a positive onboarding experience for new employees.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Provides a wide range of resources and tools to help managers build an effective team and cultivate a constructive, positive environment.

New York University

Helps leaders manage teams efficiently and effectively and consolidates human resources guidelines, support, and tools in one place.


Connecting New Employees to Your Organizational Culture

Part of creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for new employees is providing ways to learn about daily work life and your organization’s culture. What can you do beyond sharing your organization’s mission, vision, and values?

Netflix is one organization that is leading the way in making their culture and core values transparent to all employees. They have done this in multiple ways including:

  • Publishing podcasts and blogs that feature employees talking about work and life at Netflix.

  • Creating a memo that introduces Netflix’s employee culture. This document started as a simple PowerPoint slide deck.

  • Providing an explanation of Netflix’s Work Life Philosophy