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Explore Careers: High School Degree or Equivalent + Work Experience

You don’t need an advanced degree to begin making an impact in schools. The following teaching fields are open to individuals with a high school degree or equivalent plus work experience.


Adult Workforce Education Teacher

Prepare adults to enter careers in the following fields: Agriculture, Marketing Education, Health Occupations, Family & Consumer Science, Office Operation, Industrial & Engineering Technologies, Personal Living, Emergency Medical Technician, Firefighter Training

Adult Education Permit

*You must have a Bachelor’s Degree to teach adults in the Aspire Program.


Career-technical Workforce Development (CTWD) Teacher

If you have five years or more of full-time experience in a career field, you may eligible to pursue a license to become a Career-Technical Workforce Development Teacher. CTWD areas include art and communication, health science, business, law and public safety, marketing, trade, industry, and others.

Occupational Outlook

CTWD License (Alternative Resident Educator License)

CTWD Alternative License Teaching Fields