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Getting started

Your brand matters. Define your employee brand.

Identify Your Current Employee Brand

To help define your current employee brand, think about the following questions:

  • What are you currently doing to bring your employee brand to life?

  • What is your mission?

  • What’s your biggest struggle related to your employee brand?

  • Are there current employees that personify your current employee brand?

  • What role does staff play in defining your current employee brand?

  • How would others describe your school or district’s reputation?

Use the brand checklist to think about all the ways you currently share your brand.

Define Your Desired Employee Brand

To help define your desired employee brand, use feedback collected from internal and external stakeholders.

Think about the following questions:

  • How can you leverage your current employee brand?

  • What are other schools and districts doing?

  • Do you have a specific desired employee brand? What is it?

  • What is keeping you from realizing that desired employee brand?

  • What’s your biggest struggle in establishing your desired employee brand?

  • What aspects of your employee offering (i.e., rewards, recognition, compensation, or benefits) can be altered to help realize your desired employee brand?

  • Are there current employees that personify your desired employee brand?

  • What role can staff play in defining and realizing your desired employee brand?

  • What role can your social media presence play?

Let’s Get Started

Hold a listening tour

A listening tour is one of the best ways to get constructive feedback to understand your current employee brand. You can also use this to inform your efforts to envision your desired employee brand. Typically, this would involve administrators engaging stakeholders to listen directly to concerns, ideas, and feedback.

Keep in mind your internal and external audience as it may be beneficial to hear from both. Seek out current employees, previous employees, parents, students, community members, school board, etc.

Ensure a two-way flow of information. Include opportunities for feedback and discussion. Ask and listen.


  • Use surveys. Add questions to existing surveys or use free or low-cost survey tools easily found online.

  • Plan a segment of existing meetings (e.g., PTA, staff, or teacher meetings) to ask a few key questions or bring a group or groups of key stakeholders together to ask questions and listen to answers.

  • Add a comment box, an e-newsletter opt-in or sign up for social media feeds and other announcements to solicit input and let people know you are listening.

  • Look for opportunities to talk to people in formal and informal settings—from PTA meetings to the grocery store.

  • Make the listening tour a constant in your interactions with key stakeholders. Listen to what people are saying and use that feedback to inform your work.

Engage Staff

Employees are your biggest cheerleaders!

  • Establish an Advisory Team to help implement the vision for your desired employee brand.

    • Include administrators, teachers, and support staff—the more diverse, the better!

  • Start a referral program. Encourage staff members to share job openings and with qualified candidates.

  • Provide “swag.” Items like t-shirts, water bottles, and more can help with brand recognition.

  • Use onboarding and mentoring programs to reinforce your employee brand.

Now you’re ready to use your employee brand to recruit and retain top talent.