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Teacher Exit Survey

Are you interested in understanding what drives the turnover of teachers and educational aides in your district or school?

Do you want to improve your district or school so you can keep good educators?

The Ohio Department of Education, alongside REL Midwest and a team of Ohio stakeholders, have developed a pilot teacher exit survey free of use for any district or school.
Each district or school would receive its own results while also helping validate the survey for final draft and use across Ohio. The survey results would only be available to the district or school and REL Midwest for statistical analysis. The Department will not receive the survey data.

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Register to participate in the Teacher Exit Survey pilot.

The exit survey will be open from May 1 through July 31, 2019. Once the survey closes, surveyed districts and schools will learn from REL Midwest about their survey results and how to use those results to reduce educator turnover.


Want more information?

View the webinar hosted by The Department and REL Midwest to learn more about piloting the teacher exit survey.



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