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Explore Careers: Current Student

Regardless of where you are in your educational journey, districts and schools offer a variety of career opportunities to positively impact children.


Early Career Exploration: Students in Grades 7-12

Students who are interested in teaching profession can learn more by getting involved with the following organizations.

Educators Rising Ohio

Helps middle and high school students explore teaching as a career option, provides them with a realistic understanding of teaching, and encourages students from diverse backgrounds to think seriously about the teaching profession.

My teacher, Mr. Wakefield, is the reason why I started to pursue teaching. Knowing that I can impact young adult lives from coaching and teaching made me want to pursue teaching myself. I also want to open opportunities for young adults who don’t know what they want to do.
— Antoine Holloway II, President of Educators Rising OH

Career-Technical Schools: Education & Training Career Pathways

These pathways prepare students for employment or continued advanced coursework in various teaching and child care related positions. They also provide students with opportunities to evaluate their interest in teaching and other human service careers requiring a high level of personal interaction through hands-on learning experiences in daycare centers and/or classrooms.

Early Childhood Education Pathway

Prepares students for careers in childcare and educational environments.

Potential careers: Teaching Assistant, Child Care Worker, Day Care Center Operator, Educational Aide, Student Monitor

Teaching Professions Pathway

Prepares students for professional careers in educational institutions.

Potential careers: Teaching Assistant, Educational Aide, Student Monitor

To be in charge of a classroom, students will likely also need to obtain a Bachelor’s degree and teacher license. These pathways also prepare students for college majors such as Early and Middle Childhood Studies, Early Childhood Education, Middle Childhood Education, Special Education, Technical Education and Training, Human Development and Family Science, Social Work, Elementary Education Administration, Psychology, Counselor Education

I love kids and whatever career I choose, this program is helping me to understand the way children learn and develop. I love it!
— Ashton, Apollo Career Center: Early Childhood Education Pathway

To learn more about the steps to become a teacher, visit the Explore Careers page under Bachelor’s Degree.

Career Spotlight

Some educators are drawn to the teaching profession because they feel a calling to work with young people. Others have a desire to share their love for a particular subject area. The teaching profession offers a variety of opportunities to pursue your personal calling.

World Languages Teacher

Why teach a world language?

When I was in ninth grade, my French teacher had just returned from an exchange where she taught in Belgium and traveled around France. The stories she told opened the world to me and I thought: That’s what I want to do too!
— Carol Eiber, Stow-Munroe Falls High School