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Explore careers: Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree is the first step to becoming a classroom teacher and impacting students on a daily basis. The opportunities within the teaching profession are nearly limitless. Whether you are passionate about working with a particular age group, sharing your love for a content area, or working with special student populations, selecting the appropriate preparation program sets you on the path to fulfilling your calling.


Substitute Teacher

Substitute License

A short-term substitute license grants individuals the ability to teach in a given classroom for up to 60 school days. For longer time periods, a long-term substitute license is required.

Pathways to Teaching in Ohio

Select the pathway to becoming a classroom teacher that best matches your interests and experience.

I want to obtain a bachelor’s degree in education.

Pursue a Standard Resident Educator License. Before beginning your program:

I already have a bachelor’s degree in a non-education area.

Option 1: Enroll in an approved post-baccalaureate or graduate program leading to a Standard Resident Educator License, or

Option 2: Pursue an Alternative Resident Educator License. US military veterans can also visit the Troops to Teachers website for helpful resources.

I completed a teacher preparation program outside of Ohio.

Learn about Ohio teacher licensure options.

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Why Pursue a Teaching Career?

Teaching is the profession that influences all other professions. Hear 2017 Ohio Milken Educator Award winner, Maria Rodgers, describe how teaching enables her to make a difference in the lives of her students.


Expanding Your Teaching Options

Option 2: Pursue an additional licensure area.

Option 1: Advance your license.

Ohio’s Four Tier Licensure Structure for Advancing Your License


See the Beyond Bachelor’s section to learn about career opportunities in administration.

Career Spotlight

Some educators are drawn to the teaching profession because they feel a calling to work with young people. Others have a desire to share their love for a particular subject area. The teaching profession offers a variety of opportunities to pursue your personal calling.

World Languages Teacher

Why teach a world language?

When I was in ninth grade, my French teacher had just returned from an exchange where she taught in Belgium and traveled around France. The stories she told opened the world to me and I thought: That’s what I want to do too!